Vevay Swiss Inn · 100 East Main Street, Vevay, Indiana 47043 · (812) 221-1041

About The Inn

2013 ~ The Swiss Inn name has returned and the building has undergone a facelift and remodeling under the ownership of Ron Hocker and management of his daughter Stacy Hocker Streett and her husband Tim Streett.   There are 10 guest rooms, each with a private bath, a guest kitchen/laundry room, a porch for guests to enjoy, a lobby and two dining rooms.

Inn History

100 East Main Street ~ Original Federal architecture, 1833

Rebuilt in 1947 following a fire.2995bb88c052a00942c38d230723a028

  • The LeClerc House was established in 1833 on land purchased from Nicholas Longworth.  The hotel was operated until 1894.  Formerly known as the Franklin House, Robert LeClerc (August 22, 1809 – July 22, 1856) tore down the frame structure in 1850 and had a three-story building constructed.
  • Excerpt from The History of Switzerland County 1885 : Mr. LeClerc learned the confectionery business, and it 1833 took charge of the hotel, which he managed up to the date of his death, July 22, 1856.  He was an Odd Fellow and encampment member.  Since her husband’s death Mrs. LeClerc (Julia Morerod LeClerc, December 10, 1812 – July 6, 1895) has successfully carried on the hotel business, and reared the family (nine children). She is truly an expert in the business, and watches the culinary department to the entire satisfaction of the most fastidious.  Mrs. LeClerc has been a faithful and consistent member of the Presbyterian Church since 1851, and has lived to see nearly all her children unite with the society.
  • Oscar Williams purchased the LeClerc House about 1896 from Julia LeClerc heirs.  Mr.s Williams began management of the hotel in 1900 and changed the name to the Williams Hotel.
  • Dates unknown – Webb, Clendening & Butler owned or managed the hotel, now known as the Butler House.
  • In 1924 Mr.s and Mrs. E. Downey purchased and remodeled the Butler House and change the name to the Swiss Inn.
  • The Swiss Inn was destroyed by fire August 11, 1943.  Mrs. Minnie Downey, who had owned the business for 18 years, decided not to rebuild.

Vevay To Have a Modern Hotel on Old Swiss Inn Site

Prominent Contractor to Build;

Citizens Donate Ground

The Town of Vevay, without a regular hotel since the Swiss Inn fire last August will now have a modern hostelry under arrangements completed this week under sponsorship of the local Kiwanis Club and Jacob E. Barnhart of Wilkinson, Indiana.

…Mr. Barnhart asked that the citizens subscribe the purchase price of the building site and the Kiwanis Club immediately undertook the raising of the amount.  So enthusiastic was the response that by the first of the week the members announced the money had been pledged

Vevay Reveille, January 27,1944

  • The new Swiss Inn opened the week of March 27, 1947 ~ Modern room with baths.  Coffee shop and dining rooms.
  • November of 1947 Mr. and Mrs. Jack Fehr purchased the Inn from Leonard J. Stringfield and his son Louis.  Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rix purchased the Inn in September of 1948.
  • Bob and Margaret Lee Brown purchased the Swiss Inn in 1964 and operated it until 1974 when it was sold to Mr. and Mrs. Pete Gray who owned it briefly before selling to Garland Updike.  Other owner/operator names that are part of the more recent past include Darrell Hansel, Butch Konkle, Mark Miles, Mark McNair and Melissa Hughes.  A few name changes to the Inn also took place.